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Musk grains 1 gr Siberian

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Grains of musk of the Siberian musk deer are semi-dry. 100% pure and real musk. Unique and only on this site. Suitable for perfume and for making tinctures. It reacts well with sandalwood, alcohol and other oils.

Description of smell: Musk contains a wide variety of flavors. Depending on the condition of the musk (dry or wet) it can produce completely different shades. From soft to tart. The smell is unique in nature and nothing like the world does not exist.

Attention: we sell musk in the form in which it was originally in the pod (do not remove anything from there and do not add anything)

Musk can be use in perfumery and medicine. 100% guarantee real musk Siberian musk deer.

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Important: real musk can not be cheap, it is a rare and expensive product. Be careful!