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How do you work during a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)?

We are working in the same mode, but locally there are some delays in delivery terms. This is due to technical difficulties in the work of postal services. We guarantee that you will receive the ordered product as before.

-Where are you located?

We are located in Siberia, in a place where the Siberian musk deer lives, and here we harvest it.

-Are you offering real Siberian musk?

Absolutely real! We have been doing this for more than 5 years and have many satisfied customers around the world. Musk is a very rare thing and there are so many who are trying to sell a fake under the guise of this musk. We live in Siberia and harvest the musk of Siberian musk deer. Only on our site you can buy real Siberian musk 100%!

Below are screenshots of satisfied customers.

Else to read other customer reviews, look at Google: sibermusk.com-feedback or NinjaRobb – customer feedback

-If I have a question about payment/delivery or other and urgently need to get an answer, what should I do?

 To get an answer within 15 minutes, you need to write to our WhatsApp, Telegram +79635228222 CONTACT NOW:    

to get an answer within 3 hours, you need to make a request through the feedback form on the link https://sibermusk.com/write-to-us/

-If I don’t receive my item?

 If you do not receive item, we guarantee a full refund. We use trusted carriers and provide a tracking number for the items all the way, so 100% of our customers receive the goods.

-How can I make musk into oil or tincture?

If you received grains musk (Kasturi), you can do oil or tincture.
For oil, take one of the oils (sandalwood, jojoba, rose or other) and add the musk in the ratio of at least 1 gram of musk 15-20 gr of oil. It is necessary that the concentration was at least 5%, better and we rocommend  10%. Then put in dark place at room temperature. The smell will get better and better every month. Use can start after 3 months, it is better at least half a year. 
For the manufacture of tincture, you will need 90% alcohol and musk grains. Add in the ratio 3-5% of musk and 95-97% alcohol, put in dark place at room temperature. It is recommended to shake every 3 days. When the tincture acquires the color of cognac, it can be used for medical or perfumery purposes.

-What countries do you ship to?

 United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore. 

-Will I be able to track my item?

 Yes, regardless of the shipping method you choose, we will provide a tracking number and you will always know where your package is

-Can I get a discount?

Yes, you can get a 10% discount on the promo code for the first order. To get a discount for the first order, you need to make a request by e-mail sibermusk@gmail.com marked “promo code for first order”. After receiving the special code, you need to enter it in a special frame in the basket before payment and the system will automatically calculate your discount. Please note that the promo code is valid for 12 hours after receipt and only for the first order.

-What is the delivery time to my country?

Standard shipping: 14-30 days

Express shipping via EMS Express: 7-17 days


-Can I be sure the customs won’t block my item?

Yes, we have extensive experience with different countries of the world and know how to send the goods to easily pass customs. Be sure you do not have to pay customs duties and your order will not be delayed at customs.

-What payment methods do you accept? 

You can pay for your order online using PayPal (Visa and Mastercard credit cards are supported). If your country does not support PayPal, you can choose another payment method, we will contact you and agree on the transfer method.