Signs of originality

Signs of originality of Siberian musk

On the Internet a lot of fakes sold under the guise of this Siberian musk (Kasturi)

A real pod has only half in hairs and the other half without hairs. Hair may be less or more but one side will always be without hair. THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS! Everything else is not Siberian musk but something else.



Grains of musk also have signs of originality.

Grain of musk has a specific smell, anyone who has ever felt this smell, you will never confuse with another. 

Musk grains have a color from brown to black, it depends on the habitat of the musk deer.

Inside the pod can be with musk a little hair and epidermis, other parts should not be there.

Musk check method:

Put a little musk on a white sheet of paper and rub a piece with a hard object. Real musk leaves such a mark (see photo below) and completely smeared on a sheet of paper. If you don’t find that effect, you don’t have real musk.