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Siberian Musk deer grains 100% Authentic

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Siberian animal musk grains from Siberian musk deer is 100% real and unique

Grains of musk of the Siberian musk deer are semi-dry. 100% pure and real musk. Unique and only on this site. Suitable for perfume and for making tinctures.

Make your own maceration with sandalwood oil, oud, rose, etc., and create your own unique fragrance.

Color: From brown to black.

Description of smell: Musk contains a wide variety of odors. Depending on the state of the musk (dry or wet), it can give completely different shades. From soft to very animal. This smell is unique in nature and nothing like it exists in the world. In General the smell of musk is characterized as strong animal and potent.

Attention: we sell musk in the form in which it was originally in the pod (do not remove anything from there and do not add anything)

We sell only real musk deer grains, so you will get a TOP product, as a result, your perfume experiences will be successful!

Musk can be use in perfumery and medicine. 100% guarantee real musk Siberian musk deer.

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We provide a tracking number!

If you need more information about this product, please write us. 

Important: real musk can not be cheap, it is a rare and expensive product. Be careful!

Note: We carefully pack our oils only in reliable glass attar bottles and vials, and musk grains only in glass vials. We guarantee the integrity of your order.

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Siberian Musk deer grains 100% Authentic

  1. Himanshu (verified owner)

    The stuff Andrei is doing is of high value. In these times, it is almost impossible to get hold of stuff like deer musk. I feel really lucky to have Anderi offer these products.
    As far as musk grains are concerned, I ordered a few grams of both Siberian and Mongolian grains. I received very neat, nicely cleaned, semi dry grains. Not ammoniacal, not pissy, almost fruity smell, I am planning to order some more soon.

  2. teaqskwque

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  3. Hamid Butt

    Very good service, personal care and follow up. When it comes to the product it’s authentic , natural and the best you can ever find.
    I’m highly satisfied with both ; service and the product….. would recommend the same for anyone interested

  4. Travis

    Thank you very much for providing a source of musk i thaught it was lost
    To us.
    I purchased a empty pod and a gram of siberian from this man to test . He was polite ,honest, and gracious enoughf to answer my questions
    I have been searching for around a decade and this man has musk that i can now use in formulations i didnt think could be reproduced. Im amazed and very happy with the product and service and the kindness this man has shown in providing his knowledge on working with it.

    i will be purchasing more from this man in the hopes to get enough to last me a long time.

    i feel like i owe the man a favor

  5. Zahid (verified owner)

    I’ve just received the grains and I’m so happy!
    Very good product, thank you so much!
    I will order again.
    See you.

  6. Nik (verified owner)

    The musk grains arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I love the innovative packaging! I ordered a small sample of both Siberian and Mongolian musk grains… my only problem is trying to decide which one I prefer. I had hoped to be able to pick a favorite but both smell awesome (just in different ways). I will definitely be placing a larger order in a few weeks.

  7. Omar Ahmad (verified owner)

    I really orderd two times both musk’s mongolien and siberian. They are both top quality musk my personal favorite is the siberian whic is more muskier little bit more urinal . Less animalik . The mongolien is more sweet chocolate little bit like . I really recommend this musk for amazing quality price .

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