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MUSK in ROSE 20% Attar by NinjaRobb


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Authentic Siberian MUSK in Bulgarian ROSE 20%

Manufactured: October 2019

Origin of the rose oil: Bulgaria

Origin of the Musk: Siberia

Composition: pure 100% Rose oil, pure musk grains

Ratio: 20%

Description: A wonderful aged combination of delicious Bulgarian rose and musk grains gives us a magical, bright, exciting, sweet and balanced aroma. On the skin, the smell feels warm, radiant and exciting. Very special.

Use this wonderful oil on the skin or in the diffuser.

We guarantee delivery or refund.

Note: We carefully pack our oils only in reliable glass attar bottles and vials, and musk grains only in glass vials. We guarantee the integrity of your order.

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0.3ml V-vial, 1ml V-vial, 3ml Vial

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