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Musk in Sandalwood oil 10%


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Mongolian MUSK deer in Indian SANDALWOOD oil 10%

For making perfume compositions. 

You can use this as a finished product or as a component to create your own perfume.

Ratio: 10% (For 100 gram of oil we use 10 grams of pure musk grains)

Composition: Pure mongolian musk deer grains, true Indian sandalwood oil.

Smell: Mixed and complex aroma, very well felt exciting and fascinating smell of musk, and the smell of a beautiful real sandalwood oil

Manufactured: April 2019

We produce only high-quality musk deer oil from proven ingredients, so you will get a TOP product, as a result, your perfume experiences will be successful!

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If you need more information about this product, please write us. 

Important: real product of musk can not be cheap, it is a rare and expensive product.


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