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TOP Musk in Sandalwood oil 30%


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Mongolian MUSK deer in Indian SANDALWOOD oil 30%

You can use this as a finished product or as a component to create your own perfume.

Ratio: 30% (For 100 gram of oil we use 30 grams of pure musk grains)

Composition: Pure mongolian musk deer grains, true Indian sandalwood oil.

Smell: A product that you want to smell without stopping. The perfect proportion for combining musk in sandalwood oil. The smell is very persistent and strong, you will feel the noble smell of musk in the dominant note, in perfect combination with real Indian sandalwood oil

Manufactured: April 2019

We produce only high-quality musk deer oil from proven ingredients, so you will get a TOP product, as a result, your perfume experiences will be successful!

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Important: real product of musk can not be cheap, it is a rare and expensive product.


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